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"On the contrary, the beauty of the Gorgons, being extremely powerful and effecting the very vitals of the soul, stunned it's beholders and made them speechless, so that, as the story has it and everyone says, they turned to stone in wonder..."

~ Lucian
from The Hall
translated by A.M. Harmon


"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." ~Marie Curie

Snakes and tattoos are often grouped together with a particular dark image in mind. Many think of them as frightening dangerous things to be avoided. These narrow outdated perceptions of the unusual rob people of some amazing experiences and relationships. In reality both are really quite beautiful and fascinating.

People fear what they don't understand. This is true of far too many quietly amazing things, people, and animals. The goal here at Blue Gorgon is to banish fear with knowledge, beauty, and inspiration. The more you know, the more you're free to appreciate the wonders this world has to offer.

Orthriophis taeniurus callicyanous
formerly Orthriophis taeniurus ssp and Elaphe taeniura ssp


Snakes are arguably some of the most elegant and most misunderstood creatures on Earth. There are around 3,000 known species of snake currently -only around 300 of which are venomous, even fewer are actually deadly to humans- which come in every color of the rainbow, including the rainbow itself as many are breathtakingly iridescent. The diversity is mind boggling and a wealth of artistic inspiration. It is Blue Gorgon's aim to promote these shy, gorgeous, and beneficial animals not only as objects d'art and exotic pets, but wonders of nature to be admired and respected.

The Blue Beauty is an aptly named Asian rat snake that's extremely underrated and hard to find much information about on the web or even in books. Here at Blue Gorgon I'm focusing on these, my favorite snakes.

The first time I saw a picture of one I was spellbound, and had to find out more. When I encountered them in person, I quickly learned that pictures don't do them justice. I've dug up as much information as I can find and was fortunate to come upon my own adult pair of these amazing Beauty Snakes.

Blue Gorgon documents everything I've found as well as my own first hand experiences with these 8ft Beauties.

"When the designs are chosen with care, tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul. ~Michelle Delio

Tattooing takes what is inside and expresses it on the outside in a very intimate and personal way. It is, very literally, wearing your heart on your sleeve. Tattoos have been often associated with gangs and criminal activity in the last century and it's a shame to see such an amazing art form be dismissed this way. Thankfully that stereotype is going the way of the dodo.

Body art is becoming more acknowledged as a true art form capable of great beauty. Tattoos are an ancient art spanning countries and cultures across the world in both ritualistic and cosmetic flair. Personally, my tattoos have improved my self esteem and self image. I was once too self conscious to wear short sleeves or shorts. Now I wear my art with pride.

I've been long obsessed with the legend and history of Medusa and many of my pieces are based upon a different species of snake and theme as well as other portraits of Deities, Legends, Myths, and "Monsters". Fantasy, Legend, and Surrealism are my favorite subjects. As I delved into the art of tattooing, however, my horizons keep on expanding! When an artist thinks they're done growing and learning - they're no longer an artist.

I occasionally take animal, legend, and myth oriented art commissions though my focus these days is on tattoos. If you're looking for a piece to hang up on your wall, tattoo for your arm, or a logo for your upcoming business, drop me a line and we'll see what we can work out!

Be sure to check out the links and if you have questions or ideas for adding to the site feel free to let me know!

~ Sheree 'Blue' Rehema